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We are Way to Vacation, a travel agency headquartering in Atlanta (USA) providing all kinds of travel services. We partner with multiple tour operators and air companies and this partnership enables us to offer a wide range of products for leisure travelers including:

• tours around the world
• cruises
• vacation packages
• discounted and affordable cruises and tours

The company profile includes also individual tourism:

• hotel bookings around the world
• airfare bookings around the world
• car rentals around the world
• individually planned tours

We work with the world most advance travel reservation system SABRE and other flight, hotel, cruise, vacation and car rental booking systems. We believe our clients stay with us because we offer the most affordable rates and substantial discounts.   

We also offer a visa and passport services

Below are some reasons why you should choose us:

• Wide geography. We don’t limit ourselves to just certain countries and destinations. We offer you the whole world, i.e. airline tickets around the world, hotels around the world, tours around the world, vacation around the world etc. Thus, we can send you to virtually any point on our planet or offer a tour that covers several countries.

• Good value for your money. We monitor the market on a regular basis and we are confident that our clients are offered the lowest prices without compromising service quality.

• An individual approach to each client. We offer the most appropriate solutions as to travel style and financial abilities. This means that we always strive to meet your expectations, whether you are looking for luxury or economy.  With us you always have access to discount cruise deals, the best affordable hotel deals and economy car rentals around the world.

Our experience in the travel industry guarantees high-quality service and the satisfaction of all, even the most sophisticated, requests from our clients.